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PC Technician - discusses making money with Google Adsense

What pitfalls to avoid if you are using Google Adsense to make money on your website
written by: A contributor

Google Adsense has always been the main income source for many people who have high traffic on their websites. 
There are lots of money that can be made in this business, and those who plan to use this as an income source 
need to know about the Do's and Don'ts in order to achieve success with this method. The truth is that many 
marketers make thousands of dollars almost everyday with Google Adsense. The only reason why so many people 
fail is because they don't do what's right for their campaign. 

What to expect when using Google Adsense 

When you have a good website that you can rely on for lots of traffic, you'll soon see your revenue growing 
rapidly. Some of the top marketers in India make an average of $10,000 per month, and while it took them 
years to build that empire, it seems like it's been well worth it. The truth is, hard work is required to 
build a big empire like that, and the tips below are surely going to be worth following. 

What pitfalls to avoid if you are using Google Adsense to make money on your website 


-No keywords 

Many marketers don't create keywords on their site. Thus, they end up not getting their site's content ranked 
high and thus no clicks on the ads. What you need to DO is actually start creating each webpage of your site 
focusing on a certain keyword. That keyword is what people will type into Google, and your site will show up 
on page one of the results page.  By following a keyword, or a set of keywords, you'll find this to be a nice 
way to get your sites pages well ranked. 

-No back links 

Once an article is put out with the needed keywords, most people will forget to put in real back links. Link 
building is a vital aspect that you really need to implement, especially if you want  those pages  to be 
indexed and ranked high on Google for the keywords on your site. 

-Click on your own ads 

It has been said that those who click on their own ads actually get banned from Google Adsense. They frown 
on clicking your own ads, and if it happens too many times that it becomes obvious, they will close down 
your Google Adsense account and potentially even ban you. So, even if it quite tempting, never click on 
your own ads. 

-Hide your ads 

Many people like to place their ads at the end or near the bottom of a site. To keep you from getting no 
clicks, try putting your ads in between your content, at the top, or near the sides. This will help your 
click through rate. Make sure that you try split testing your site to see what works.

-Create a site on bad topics 

If your site contains topics (or links) on gambling, drugs, tobacco, or  weapons, there is a good chances 
that your site may draw criticism from Google Adsense. No matter how badly you may want to write on a 
taboo topic,  there is a good chance that Adsense will remove your entire site. 

-Create pages just for ads 

Usually those people who create sites focused primarily on just placing ads can get into trouble. Your 
goal should be to always create good content at all times, and to make the ads the second goal of the 
site. Adsense wants  their partners to create content driven websites, and that's exactly what you 
should strive to accomplish. 

-Use robot click generators 

If you ever get caught using robots to click on your ads, you will be  banned  and it is almost 
impossible to re-instate your account.  Robots generate false clicks , so  advertiser's will complain 
to Google, who in turn, will send you a not so nice email
and Adsense will ban your account. Case Closed! 

-Create bad content 

If your site has really poor content, your visitors will look and leave quickly ( this is referred to 
as "bounce rate")  and end up not clicking on your ads. To receive recurring clicks and visitors, you 
need quality content to lower your bounce rate.

Several Do's worth following: 

-Read the privacy policy 

The privacy policy will allow you to find out what you should and shouldn't do on your site. Most 
people usually make the big mistake of not reading the rules, and while I outlined a few of these 
above, it still pays to read the entire policy. 

-Create many websites 

A good tip is to try creating one site first, and then when you notice it's making some income, try 
growing more cash by creating another site focusing on another set of keywords. So, if ever something 
happens to the first site, you have another source of Adsense income that you can rely on. 

-Create good content (constantly update) 

Those who like to create good content and update their sites are always the people who gain more 
potential followers. Usually people follow sites that have good and helpful content,  so keep this 
in mind. 

-Write about what you enjoy 

If you write about topics that you don't enjoy writing about, you may possibly end up getting tired 
of adding new content to your sites. You need to make sure that you enjoy what you're writing about 
so you will want to continually add content. Remember, content is king.

-Look at other people's Adsense sites 

Try researching some of the best bloggers out there to see how they make lots of money with 
Adsense. Inspect their sites to see how they format everything. This will help you find out what 
you need to do for your site. 

Google Adsense has always been considered as a nice way to earn an extra income. It takes time to 
really make a lot of cash from the business, but once you do get the chance to set up your campaign 
following the above tips, you'll find your Google Adsense website achieving more success than you 
thought possible.  

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