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PC Technician discusses pc vs. mac

pc vs. mac a discussion

Oh Microsoft, how do I love thee .... let me count the ways.

Well, not really. I admit that, I have been in the microsoft camp ever since its inception and somehow missed getting on the Apple express. And yes, I am sure the Apple dumpling gang would be able to count the ways they love their Macs. I can easily understand why Mac users love their Macs. MSDOS was intimidating to anyone new to computers, although I felt right at home using command line prompts as I came from a mainframe background ( IMB360's ) and TSO - ie, Time Sharing Option to connect to the mainframe. As a programmer on main frame computers, it made no real difference as to which version of the operating system was installed - all we cared about were the applications we developed. I can barely remember if I ever had to re-compile a program when a new version of the operating system was installed. This was for the most part completely transparent. That is, with a new OS installed our applications still ran. My point is, there was a clear delineation between the OS and the applications. It made no difference if I had to run an application on an IBM or Univac mainframe. All one had to do was re-compile the application - no fuss, no muss. Nobody would argue whether the IBM or Univac was a "better" computer the way people argue the merits of a PC vs. Mac.

The way to compare a PC and Mac would be to run the same application and benchmark the results. Assuming, of course, that CPU, memory, etc. are approximately the same and both are running in a graphical environment ( windows and X-window). In the beginning, a DOS PC vs. a graphical Mac would surely favor the Mac as "superior" - only from a perspective of ease of use for new computer users. I have always heard that the Mac was "better" for graphics programs. By better, I think the critics meant faster but I was never convinced that this was the case. I never saw any hard data to support this position.

As I mentioned before, I always looked at computers as having two separate functionally distinct components - the operating system and the applications. So I could never get worked up as to whether a pc was better than a mac or vice versa. Who cares? If you are a graphic artist and want to use Photoshop it should make no or very little difference on which platform to use. Photoshop should perform the same functions under either one. Again, if both a pc and mac have equivalent hardware - there should be no difference in performance. As for other applications, like a word processor or an accounting program then the differences are even more tenuous.

From what I understand, most people have something like 1.5 commercial applications on their computers, eg, a business application and a word processor which would exclude an email client and web browser as these two are generally free.

However , I guess the windows vs. mac debate will continue as both sides have their loyal following. It kind of reminds me of two dung beetles tussling over a dung ball - both are determined to claim the prize - but in the final analysis, they are battling over a piece of S**T!

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