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PC Technician loves particle physics

Okay, all this physics may be interesting but what does this have to do with the theme of this web site - Computers and Technology ?

Well, if you think that computers will only get more powerful and smaller, and eventually reach some physical limit - then you are in for a surprise. Computer design is on the verge of a complete make-over. It is called quantum computing and is as different as night and day in terms of computing power. Quantum Computers will solve problems that today's computers would require billions of years to solve. This is explained in the box below:

And for some more late breaking developments on the path to getting a quantum computer. See Below

Okay - now some new information about the Higgs. I am starting to worry - the Higgs may not exist. Is it possible that Stephen Hawking is correct?

Okay - break out the champagne - the higgs boson may finally make its debut. So PcTechnician are you ready to eat some crow now? Well ....... not so fast - let's wait - and get this verified to everyone's satisfaction. See the latest - below:

Well PC Technician - you smarty pants - would you like that crow fricasseed. See latest on the Higgs below:

Okay - let's break the tension with a little joke:

A Higgs boson entered a Catholic church. The priest saw him and said "Sorry, we don't allow Higgs bosons in our church." The Higgs boson replied, "Then without me how can you have mass?"

Ho Hum - here we go again - I think the world of physics is suffering from "Higgsteria" - see the latest from CERN below:

Well PCtechnician, Mr. Smarty Pants, it appears that the Higgs Boson has been found. In fact, Steven Hawking said that he lost the bet he made that the Higgs would not be found. He had a bet with Gordon Kane of Michigan University and lost the $100 bet. Dr. Hawking thinks that Peter Higgs should win the Nobel prize for his theoretical formulation of the Higgs particle. The discovery of the Higgs is an important link in the Standard Model of particle physics. Oh well, I was hoping that the Higgs would not be found as this would have been a more interesting result. So now I will slink off to my room and whip myself with a wet noodle for being a wise ass and doubting Thomas.


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