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How to view java applets - for browsers


Internet Explorer 11

First download java from HERE and then install it.
From internet explorer 11 do the followig
1.Click Tools and then Internet Options.
2.Select the Security tab, and select the Custom Level button.
3.Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets.
4.Make sure the Enable radio button is checked.
5.Click OK to save your preference.

Now go to Control Panel and select the java icon
and then select the security tab it should look like this

and remember to make sure the box at the top is checked on.
You have to also edit the "exception site list"
Note that my URL's are entered so you will be prompted to run java applets.
Also click on "Restore Security Prompts" - this is important.
Then clck OK
So now if you go to - you should be prompted if you want to run a script.

For the other browsers - ie, chrome, edge, firefox - i am still trying
to find out how to allow these browsers to display java applets.

Here is what I found out about Google Chrome - from Oralce.

"Chrome no longer supports NPAPI (technology required for Java applets) The Java Plugin for web browsers relies on the cross-platform plugin architecture NPAPI, which had been supported by all major web browsers for over a decade. Google's Chrome version 45 and above have dropped support for NPAPI, and therefore Java Plugin do not work on these browsers anymore. Java applications are offered through web browsers as either a web start application (which do not interact with the browser once they are launched) or as a Java applet (which might interact with the browser). This change does not affect Web Start applications, it only impacts applets. Developers and System administrators looking for alternative ways to support users of Chrome should research Launching Web Start applications."
Well so much for chrome. I guess the paranoia keeps getting worse.

Now as for Firefox here is what I found:
As of September, 2018, Firefox no longer offers a version which supports NPAPI,
the technology required to run Java applets. The Java Plugin for web browsers.
Well I guess that's it for firefox. Maybe I should learn Perl Graphics

And as for Microsoft Edge - here are the instructions to enable java applets

For Microsoft Edge, you must disable JavaScript from the Windows Group 
Policy Editor, rather than in the browser settings. To do so, in 
Windows 10:
1.Launch the Edit Group Policy program. 
2.Expand the User Configuration folder. 
3.Expand the Administrative Templates folder. 
4.Expand the Windows Components folder. 
5.Expand the Microsoft Edge folder. 
6.Double-click Allows you to run scripts, like Javascript. 
7.Choose Disabled, and click Ok to confirm.

Just great! I followed the instructions - except for number 6 - it isn't there. so I guess you cannot view the java applet. Phooey! Also the list for settings under Microsoft Edge is not alphabetized - wow that was clever.
I think I'll just go and slit my throat

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