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The pc technician offers help with computer problems and virus removal got
pc technician says that even windows 7 needs a good anti-virus program, you can get free software from the
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PC Technician computer tips and help
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pc technician computer tips and help

Trails and tribulations of a pc technician If you want to follow my exploits as a pc technician. Click the diary. PC computer repair can be very rewarding, but there are times a sledge hammer would be the appropriate tool of choice. See my diary of actual customer repairs OR CLICK HERE

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pc technician computer tips and help

PC Technician Help and Tips
pc technician help and tips How to install dual boot - Windows 8 and 7

Nasty hacker unicode exploit

hard drive backup and recovery solution

Printer doesn't print - possible solution

Internet Explorer unstable? - Try this

Cannot print web page from IE9 - Try this

Recover damaged user profile windows XP

GAC_32/Desktop.ini trojan - removal

Avast antivirus - Problem uninstalling?

Snipping Tool Windows 7 - screen capture

How to get rgb values from an image

More Tips and Help - Continued

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pc technician computer tips and help

Monthly tips from the PcTechnician - also, check the ARCHIVE
tips on post SP3 hotfixes Beware of fake BBB email

This month's tip has to do with a bogus email from the Better Business Bureau. I actually got this email and it claims that a complaint has been filed against me. The email wants me to open a complaint report - Yeah sure! Like I am going to open some file - NOT!
You can click HERE to see a copy of this bogus email.

pc technician computer tips and help

anti virus help

Some thoughts on solving virus problems
Short Background:

My computer career started about about 46 years ago. The first computer I worked on was an IBM 7094 - I wrote a Fortran program to find the inverse of a matrix to teach myself programming. This landed me a job as a Fortran programmer - since nobody (relatively speaking) had experience with Fortran. Since then I remained in programming from Fortran, Cobol, PL/1, etc on mainframes to the PC. I have been repairing, building, etc. PCs for about the last 20 years. Mostly, I now "fix" computers by removing viruses, malware, etc. I usually advise my clients to buy a new machine if they have serious hardward problem - since the cost of a PC has dropped dramatically over the last few years. Since most virus behavior varies wildly - I don't use the same protocol to remove a virus. So here are a few things I try to do CONTINUE...
pc technician computer tips and help
anti virus help Why is the reported physical usable memory ( RAM)
less than the actual installed memory in
windows 7 ?

There is not a simple explanation for the difference. But I will try to summarize as best as possible. According to microsoft, the usable physical memory available for your computer is the total physical memory minus memory that is reserved by the hardware. For example, a video adapter that has 1 gig of onboard memory has this memory "mapped" to the computer's RAM memory thereby making this 1 gig of physical memory unavailable for the operating system and your applications. Another factor is the motherboard. The chipset on the motherboard must be able to support more address space ( probably by a factor of 2 ) than the total installed physical memory. A third factor is the version of windows 7 that is installed , ie , 32-bit or 64-bit. CONTINUE...

pc technician computer tips and help

anti virus help Artificial Intelligence - Is it a fraud and a Sham?

Well, it's been many years now and the promise of artificial intelligence ( AI ) still seems to be about where the promise of controlled fusion is currently - nowhere! All the talk, both past and present, about the benefits humans would reap from this pursuit still seems elusive as ever. I remember, back in the 60's, while working in a lab, how excited me and my colleagues were when we got our first computer - it was an IBM7094. One member of our group "discovered" a program that would "learn" how to play tic-tac-toe. This was exciting stuff - a computer would actually "learn" to do something. Sure enough, the program would lose the first several games against humans but eventually it "learned" to play at a level such that it would consistantly play to a draw. Upon analyzing the program, it turned out that all the program was doing was storing a history of moves and categorized the moves that would lead to a loss. Eventually, it had enough games stored so it would no longer lose. What a disappointment! This was not learning as one would intuit learning to be. CONTINUE...

pc technician computer tips and help

Useful Links

Are you Suspicious of a Web Site as being dangerous?
Then enter domain (eg, ) in the box below:

pc technician computer tips and help

Do you need a computer or computer supplies? Then visit these links to find exactly what you need.


pc technician computer tips and help

visual basic code examples What's the Code?

Recently, I did a project in Visual Studio Basic for a friend. This is an inventory control and reporting system for an antique store. I have some code examples from this project which may be of some help to some of you. These examples will read an MDB database and extract some values and save them to a text file. The code illustrates the following:

1. Access an MDB database using a connect string. If you have ever tried this - it can be painful as the varying syntax levels may drive you to drink - see link HERE
2. Replace characters in a string.
3. Replace null values.
4. Write to a text file.


More Code Examples Below:

Make global changes to files in a unix directory structure

pc technician computer tips and help

microsoft and macintosh comparison Oh Microsoft, how do I love thee .....
let me count the ways.

Well, not really. I admit that, I have been in the microsoft camp ever since its inception and somehow missed getting on the Apple express. And yes, I am sure the Apple dumpling gang would be able to count the ways they love their Macs. I can easily understand why Mac users love their Macs. MSDOS was intimidating to anyone new to computers, although I felt right at home using command line prompts as I came from a mainframe background ( IMB360's ) and TSO - ie, Time Sharing Option to connect to the mainframe. CONTINUE...

pc technician computer tips and help

pc technician computer tips and help
fix damaged excel or word documents
Oh No! My excel and word documents
are damaged  -    Now what?
Don't worry - just click on
one of the links below!

recover damaged word document

pc technician computer tips and help


pc technician computer tips and help

Play high end games on an Alienware laptop computer

pc technician computer tips and help


pc technician computer tips and help

help with html code   Help with HTML --- Pick one:

HTML color code translation
HTML codes for special symbols
HTML codes for special characters
Make 2 columns even length using CSS and DIV tags

RESET Help Box

pc technician computer tips and help

how to translate web page to english How to translate a foreign language web page to English

Sometimes when browsing the internet you may come across a page that is in a foreign language. The page may have a translate button to press and the page is quickly translated but what do you do when there is no button? This happened to me and the page was in Russian - so here's what I did to get the translated page... CONTINUE

pc technician computer tips and help

how to figure out file type with no extension How to handle a file with no or an unknown extension

Unlike the file names in Macintosh or unix, Microsoft decided to add extensions to the names of files so they could be associated with the application that created them. This was done, so when you double click on a file - windows will open (read) the file with the correct application that created it. CONTINUE ...

pc technician computer tips and help

how not to make money on the internet How NOT to make money on the internet.

Where do I start? I have tried to make a few bucks on the internet over the last 8 months and all I found out that it is almost impossible for a variety of reasons. I think that the magnetic draw to making money on the internet is the volume of potential visitors. Sure, if I can get about 300 unique visitors a day - that ought to do it! Well, reality sets in pretty quickly - as I tried to figure out how to build traffic. CONTINUE ...

pc technician computer tips and help

I used to care but things have changed
Dedicated to My Old Pal Google

This music is dedicated to my old pal Google. In appreciation for cutting off my adsense account. Thanks.
Respectfully, PCT

Okay, somebody didn't like my sarcastic music choice and sent me the following:
What pitfalls to avoid if you are using Google Adsense to make money on your website
From: A Contributor

Google Adsense has always been the main income source for many people who have high traffic on their websites. There are lots of money that can be made in this business, and those who plan to use this as an income source need to know about the Do's and Don'ts in order to achieve success with this method. The truth is that many marketers make thousands of dollars almost everyday with Google Adsense. The only reason why so many people fail is because they don't do what's right for their campaign. CONTINUE...

pc technician computer tips and help

odd behavior in windows Well, That's Odd - Bizzare quirks in Windows

I recently came accross some odd facts about Windows. It appears that you cannot create a folder or file with the name "con" and it has been reported that Microsoft could not give a reason why this should happen. I tried to do this using both a window interface and a command prompt. I also tried to rename some file ( called it con1) to "con". No dice - you cannot do it.

The next oddball has to do with the Notepad program - Open notepad and type in the following ( exactly as shown - the "B" is uppercase):
Bush hid the facts
Now save this into a file (give it any name you want ) and re-open it. The text now looks like it is chinese and MS could not explain this either. It will work correctly if you make the "B" in Bush lower case, or if you change any other letter to uppercase. Now, that's odd!

pc technician computer tips and help

help Fonts, fonts, fonts - my kingdom for a font

In my mind's eye I could see a font that I thought would be of interest. I wanted something that looked like tubes or pipes. So I went on a quest to find such a font - and in the process I learned more about fonts than I wanted to - and then decided to document my findings at pc technician. Hopefully this info will prove useful for some of you .... CONTINUE

pc technician computer tips and help

md5 hash from string   Convert a string to a MD5 Hash value

pc technician computer tips and help

get the number of indexed pages for your domain Get the number of Google indexed
pages for your domain

pc technician computer tips and help

I've suffered with tinnitus for 50 years so I plan to buy one of the sound file downloads given below. I've tried some rememdies but none really helped. My tinnitus sounds more like a whooshing than a ringing in my ears. This is my last attempt as I don't think there is a "real" cure yet.

pc technician computer tips and help

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